This agreement will become effective as of the signature date, to which the Stockist has signed in agreement with Hokus Pokus. You can only become a Stockist if you have a registered business.

1.1 All approved International Stockists will be supplied with an order from.
1.2 Orders must be emailed to, upon receipt of order, confirmation will be sent back to the Stockist.
1.3 A commercial invoice will be sent to the Stockist for approval and payment.
1.4 Payment will ONLY be accepted via international transfer/wire transfer into the mentioned bank account.
1.5 The minimum order is 1 box of both small and large designs, the stock is packed in boxes of 25 i.e. 50 in total. These may all be the same design or an assortment thereof.


2.1 All Courier charges are for the Stockist account.
2.2 Hokus Pokus offers a courier service which can be added to your invoice, or you may make use of your own courier for collection.
2.3 Should you want to use our courier, we will send you a quotation, and if accepted, payment must be made to Hokus Pokus. No stock will be allowed to leave Hokus Pokus premises without full payment reflecting in Hokus Pokus’ bank account.
2.4 Processing of the order and courier will be done after payment/s reflect in Hokus Pokus’ bank account.
2.5 All orders are shipped between 5 – 7 business days after receipt of payment. On average your parcel will be delivered within 6 – 12 business days from courier collection, depending on the freight service.
2.6 Once an order has been shipped and a waybill number has been issued, Hokus Pokus will not be held responsible for any theft, damaged or lost parcels.
2.7 For all international shipping, the designs will be shipped in boxes of 25, please allow for this in your ordering. No half-filled boxes will be shipped, as the freight charges will be for empty space.


3.1 The products names, codes and sizes are all indicated on the packaging and our website. Hokus Pokus will not take responsibility for items bought incorrectly.
3.2 Should the Stockist want to return such a product, the courier charges will be for the Stockists’ account. These items must be in the original condition.
3.3 A 25% handling fee will be levied on all returns.
3.4 Once an order has been paid for and processed there will be NO amendments, cancellations and/or reimbursements.


4.1 All our transfers have been checked and sealed to protect the product from being tampered with. Hokus Pokus will not take responsibility for any product that has been tampered with and/or opened.
4.2 Stockist’s must make sure their customers know how to handle and apply the product in order to prevent damages and returns, these replacements will be at the Stockist’s expense. Hokus Pokus will not be liable to replace any such damaged product.
4.3 Our instruction sheet is attached and in all product tubes.
4.4 Should there be any other defects found caused during the production phase, please email us at


5.1 Payment is strictly on a ‘Cash Before Delivery’ basis.
5.2 Payment will ONLY be accepted via international transfer/wire transfer into the bank account as stated on your invoice and herewith:

First National Bank (FNB)
Account Type Business Account
Account number 62835496250
Branch Code 200912
Somerset Mall 758
Date Opened 2019-12-05

Please send Proof of Payment to:

5.3 Hokus Pokus reserves the right to change prices at any time without advance notice.


6.1 When we receive your Stockist application, we will let you know within 7 – 14 working days if it has been approved.
6.2 All International Stockist’s will be issued with a price list/order form with their Net Discounted Ex Works pricing.
6.3 Stockists will only be approved if they have either a brick and mortar shop/venue or an online shop.
6.4 If you run a craft workshop for up-styling of furniture and there is enough evidence that it is an ongoing concern, you will be considered as a Stockist on the merits thereof.
6.5 The stockist shall, at all time, when in communications, either with conversation or the written word, when dealing with customers/couriers or team members never make or use disparaging language/words when discussing Hokus Pokus products/team or service. In the unlikely event
a difference of opinion or dilemma should arise between Stockist and Hokus Pokus this must be dealt with immediately to ensure a continued strong working relationship going forward.
6.6 Hokus Pokus reserves the right to suspend, withhold or terminate this agreement at any time, if any of the conditions herein are not met or in any other circumstance which may occur.

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